Fuse Ties Weapons to Characters in Order to Portray Unique Scenarios

Players are in for a fun cooperative experience when the shooter comes out

Fuse, the new shooter from Insomniac Games, will focus on cooperative action and blend its unique weapons with its special characters in order to deliver some intense scenarios that haven’t been seen in other shooters.

Insomniac Games created a variety of impressive franchises, including Ratchet & Clank or the Resistance one, and is now working on a big new property in the form of Fuse, which was formerly known as Overstrike.

After revealing a lengthy video with gameplay from the new title, as well as the reasons behind the conversion of the property into Fuse, Insomniac’s Ted Price and Brian Allgeier have told CVG that the game reflects the studio’s main interests: weapons and social experiences.

“We're always excited about advanced weaponry and imaginative weapons, and we tend to play games more socially now. We play with wives and brothers and friends. The idea of combining this co-operative aspect with crazy hi-tech weaponry was very exciting,” Allgeier said.

While there have been other games that emphasized unique weapons, Fuse ties the guns to its different characters in order to provide different experiences.

“I think it has to do with four unique players. Four unique archetypes in a third-person shooter, and those weapons are integrally tied to those characters. They reflect the character personalities and they enhance the character archetypes. That helps create combat scenarios you won't find in other games and the opportunity to work together you won't have in other third-person shooters.”

In case you’re not familiar, Fuse features a mysterious alien substance that can be used in a variety of weapons by the four main characters of the game, including regular guns like rifles and crossbows, but also gadgets like shields or cloaking devices.

You can expect to hear much more about Fuse as we get closer to its release for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in spring of 2013.

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