Furious Kris Jenner Fans Defend Kim Kardashian After Pregnancy Announcement

Reality star is attacked on Twitter, her fans rush to defend her

Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her first child. Whilst she and beau Kanye West, the father of the baby, are, without a doubt, preparing for the experience, a first-time for both, her and her mother’s fans are rushing to defend her on Facebook.

Shortly after Kim and Kanye broke the news that they were expecting, Twitter was flooded with congratulations for the couple and their unborn child.

However, as these things go, not all those who sent messages to Kim, Kanye and the family had something positive to say: quite the contrary, the Daily Mail reports.

To those calling Kim names for having a child while she’s still legally married to Kris Humphries and not married to her baby daddy, a Kris Jenner fan group has just one thing to say: shut it!

Though erroneously attributed to Kris herself by other media outlets, the comments can be traced back here, to a fan group that thought it was up to the fans to defend Kim from all those saying vile things about her online.

“Kim Kardashian is 32 & she's pregnant, but y'all [expletive]-s be 16 with 4 kids and no baby daddy.. & y'all calling her a [expletive]? PLEASE, have a seat,” the initial statement said.

“I just wanna say that I didn't write the status about Kim K pregnant, u [expletive] be 16.. blah blah! Ugh!! I'm not like that... and... Never thought I would do such a big impact with it!” another post on the same Facebook page reads.

“by the way.. I think it's true! LOL. I'M SO HAPPY FOR KIM AND KANYE, and everybody's free to say whatever they want :)” it further says.

As noted above, since announcing the pregnancy, Kim has been at the receiving end of a lot of a criticism online, mostly on Twitter.

From people calling her out on her curvaceous figure (by calling her “fat”), to those reminding her of how she attained international fame and those saying she’s no role model for her female fans for having a baby out of wedlock, Kim has heard it all.

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