Funny Spam: May Cause Death by Laughter!

They are armed and dangerous, I mean, they have two arms!

I sincerely can't stop laughing. Some hackers can't even spell right, but they expect to trick people! I've just read this great article on The Register about how dumb some spammers can be. Now, let me tell you, I've received a lot of downright stupid spam messages since I got my first e-mail address, and some of them are so silly, they're funny.

For instance, I got many messages from all sorts of royalties that want my bank number to deposit a lot of dough. They have also stated that I'm a serious person, and that they know that for sure. The time I received that spam messages I was under 20 and I had a really funky screen name... But what I've seen now on The Register has really amused me: one user got a spam-scam e-mail that was supposed to make him/her give away a lot of cash. Well, the scammer's story is that he was in Nigeria when being robbed by some nasty dudes that stole all his stuff and now he is in the hospital with no money. He needs $4500 to get out of this mess. Of course he is going to pay it all back when he gets home. Well...this is a basic scam message, but what was really funny is the way in which the spammer wrote it.

Here are a few quotations: "I was attacked by Arm Robbers" (I think they were going to steal both his arms) / "Please because my wallet was stolen " (say what?!) / "The robbers have taking all i have " (this guy reminds me of how cartoon character IR Baboon used to talk) / "Please you will help me send $4500 to help" (this hacker is quite a skilled alliterate!). And it does not stop here, I just posted a few mistakes. I really enjoyed the one with the 'arm robbers', I guess they were in the organ-donation business.

In the same language as the hacker's, I am going to say: "If you are wanting to heving a fool look at the electronic massage the hacker send click on the link".

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