Funny Scenes from Railway Stations – the Compilation

Find out why it's not wise to go through a train station while you are plastered

A compilation of funny scenes from railway stations was uploaded on YouTube yesterday, December 11, to about 51,000 views.

The short clip comprises scenes of slips, trips and falls which happened either on the platform, or on the escalator. The video starts with the image of a woman just lying on the stairs, as if she was asleep or barely conscious.

Unfortunately for her, the stairs are going up. She is helped out by a bystander, who moves her out of the way.

In the third scene, which I think is the funniest, two girls dance around a pole in the station, and are probably intoxicated, as they both fall by the end of the number.

One of them is wearing high-heeled shoes, while the other one seems barefoot, so it would be easier for her to hold her balance.

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