Funny IT Stories from Panda Security

The security firm has published three drawings picturing hilarious scenarios

Most IT professionals have dealt with at least one situation in which an individual who was not so good with computers said something that was hilarious. 

In September 2012, Panda Security announced the launch of PandaIT SOS, a contest in which IT professionals shared their funny experiences.

Here’s the winning story, by Andre Geada:

“(help by phone) Client: -Ouh, I'm seeing the mouse pointer moving on it's own. Me: -Yes Sir. It's me, I've already got remote access to your computer. I will solve your problem right away. Client: Ouh, that's nice. Do you want me to turn on the lights? Maybe you'll see better.”

Now, the company has started publishing drawings representing scenarios similar to the ones submitted by the competitors. Three have been published so far, but the company promises that more will come.

Keep an eye on Panda Security’s Facebook page for new ones. In the meantime, check out the first three drawings in the gallery below.


Panda IT Stories (3 Images)

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