Funeral Home Uses Scantily Dressed Girls to Entice Clients, in Ad

“The López Funeral Home Wants You,” their tagline reads

A funeral home in Guatemala created a controversial Christmas ad, featuring attractive girls dressed as Santa's helpers, who lie around in coffins.

I cannot be sure, but I believe they are trying to show us they are very well serviced while being in those coffins. One of the models appears to wake up from her long sleep at one point, to give the funeral home a thumbs up.

As they show the girls, they proclaim that they are open on every day of the year, possibly hinting to Christmas being one of those occasions when one might need them.

All in all, the funniest thing about this commercial is its title – “Funeraria López te desea...,” which translates to the ominous “The López Funeral Home Wants You.”

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