Func Launches Black Rubber-Coated Gaming Mouse

Called Func MS-3, the peripheral has adjustable sensitivity and upgradeable firmware

The new mouse launched by Func is aimed at right-handed people who like to spend hours upon hours in front of their PCs, playing whatever comes to mind.

Called Fun MS-3, the mouse uses OMRON switches for all 10 buttons (programmable), and even has 512 KB on-board storage for key profiles.

The resolution of the Avago 9500 laser sensor can be adjusted as well, to any value between 90 and 5670 DPI. Furthermore, the report rate is adjustable (max is 1,000 Hz).

Even the firmware that runs on the WT6573 MCU processor can be updated if a newer and better one comes out.

As for the connection to the PC, it is established and maintained by a gold-plated USB connector.

Buyers of the Func MS-3 will have to pay $79.95 / 60.05-79.95 Euro. The price accounts for all the above and more, such as LED with customizable color. Shipments will start next month (February 2013).

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