Full-Length Pirated Movies Available on Google for Free!

More illegal videos published on Google Video

Some time ago, several full-length movies were published on the popular Google Video although its guidelines are strictly prohibiting this type of content. Moreover, they were republished after the search giant's employees deleted them and renamed to hidden words to avoid identification. Today, a new movie was published on the video service and, even if it was already removed from the page, it was reuploaded with a different name. Sicko is a 2 hour and 3 minutes movie that recorded no less than 5.724 views although it was uploaded only two days ago.

According to IMDB, Sicko is a "comedy about 45 million people with no health care in the richest country on earth." The film is actually a documentary made by Michael Moore who speaks about the US health system. The interesting fact about this movie is that its release date was scheduled for June 29, 2007; that means it is a pirated copy published on the Internet before its official launch moment.

Do you remember what happened last time when a pirated copy of a movie was published on the Internet before its official release date? Let me refresh your memory. A user named ECOtotal uploaded several copies from 24, the movie created by Fox even before the US release date. The videos published on YouTube caused a lot of trouble for the online video sharing service but, instead of taking Google to the judge, Fox preferred to resolve the case by its own. It required private information about the users and then used it in the investigation of the case.

Recently, it was reported that the user was caught and is now facing a tough sentence of years in prison. What for? Because he uploaded some pirated clips on YouTube in a stupid attempt to allow other Internet users to view the Fox movie. What do you think, is it worth it?

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