Full Bamboo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Are Just What They Sound Like

Give a new meaning to eco-friendly, setting aside the bamboos that were sacrificed

Eco-friendly may be one way to refer to the new peripheral set that people may or may not find online, depending on where they look.

Then again, eco-friendly may be laying it a bit thick, since while it's true that there is almost no plastic used in the making of the keyboard and mouse, using bamboo as a substitute means that many a bamboo was cut down for the sake of science.

Or, in this case, the sake of customers that want peripherals with the real look and feel of wood.

Setting aside potential deforestation, though, the new keyboard and mouse, found up for order here, are made almost completely of bamboo.

For those who aren't aware of why bamboo seems to be so popular for such things, it is very resistant to humidity, as well as long-lasting.

Being a tropical plant, bamboo has to survive around much moisture, so the wood is particularly enduring.

This is also the reason why many pieces of furniture for balconies and outside areas are made of bamboo.

Moving on, the keyboard has 108 keys, features the US-QWERTY layout and comes with a few shortcut keys for good measure.

The membrane and switching mechanism beneath all the wood is fairly standard and so it the USB micro receiver (2.4 GHz wireless band).

The mouse uses the same wireless connection and uses bamboo for not just the top side, but also the two main buttons and the underside.

As for the symbols and functions etched onto the buttons, when applicable (on the keyboard, mostly), they aren't embossed or printed, but etched directly into the wood.

The scroll wheel of the mouse is, in the end, the only non-wooden part of the whole combo that users are ever likely to come into contact with (rubber-made).

With a weight of 1,020 grams, the keyboard measures 465 x 160 x 25 mm (18.30 x 6.29 x 0.98 inches), while the mouse is 57 x 94 x 35 mm (2.24 x 3.70 x 1.37 inches).


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