Fukushima Reactors Achieve Cold Shutdown Condition

The IAEA congratulates the Japanese government on this achievement

According to TEPCO, the organization managing the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, in Japan, all three conditions needed to declare a cold shutdown condition at the installation's damaged nuclear reactors have been met.

The first is to bring the temperature inside the pressure vessel to less than 100 degrees Celsius. The second condition is to keep the release of radioactive materials from the primary containment vessel to an absolute minimum, for prolonged periods of time.

The thirds and final condition is to heavily reduce the amount of radiations that affects the general public. The International Atomic Energy Agency released a statement congratulating the Japanese government and TEPCO for their progress in this issue.

“Overall TEPCO and the Japanese Government have made significant progress and have completed the second step of the TEPCO's roadmap by the end of the year as they had planned,” a statement from the organization says.

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