Fujitsu's Waterproof Arrows Tab, a 10.1-Inch Tablet with Android 4.0

Sales will begin two weeks from now, in various so-called styles

The second, and shortest, month of the year has started, so Fujitsu decided to start things out in force, making multiple product announcements, one of which is about a waterproof and dustproof tablet.

Fujitsu did its best to make it so that the tablet doesn't look rugged at all, even while it made it capable of shrugging off splashes and dust clouds.

It may just be a tactic set in place to give the Arrows Tab the advantage that hardware and software cannot provide.

While the slate does have NVIDIA's Tegra 3 SoC and a Full HD 10-inch display (1920 x 1200 pixels), so do most other tablets sold for $399-599 / 399-599 Euro. Physical protection is one of the few ways to gain extra brownie points.

The Android 4.0 operating system might lose it some though. Tablets are quite well acquainted with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean these days.

Still, the Tegra 3 chip, with its four 1.6 GHz CPU cores (1.7 Ghz in single-core operation) and 12-core GPU makes a good pair with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and Fujitsu should deliver a Jelly Bean update eventually, so this should not factor in purchasing decisions too much.

The tablet also has an upgraded version of Fujitsu's Human Centric Technology, which performs color correction, accentuated touch controls, etc. It makes it easy to use for elderly users.

Another asset is the high-capacity 10,080mAh battery (versus the normal 6,560 mAh), which “can make it through a long day of heavy use” and can be recharged to 1,770mAh in roughly 30 minutes.

Finally, Fujitsu tossed in a “Style Switcher,” which can swap the user interface from mode to mode. There is a “Kid's Style” selection, an “Easy Style” for elderly users, etc.

Other features include Dolby Digital Plus audio, Wi-Fi, 32 GB of NAND Flash storage, a weight of 589g (1.29 lbs) and a thickness of 9.9 mm (0.38 inches). Sales will start on February 15, 2013, when the price will finally be exposed too.

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