Fujitsu Stylistic Windows 7 Slate Gets Atom Z690 CPU and 128GB SSD

Provides slightly more processing power to its users

After almost a year since its introduction, Fujitsu has updated the specifications of the Stylistic Q550 Windows 7 running slate to feature a faster Intel Atom Z690 processor as well as a higher capacity SSD providing 128GB of storage space.

Fujitsu has now updated the product page of the Stylistic Q550 slate to include the new CPU as well as its online configurator in order to give its customers the chance of selecting the 128GB solid state drive.

The older 30GB and 62GB drives are still available, but we can’t exactly tell from the screenshot provided by Notebook Italia if their prices were reduced now that the 128GB SSD is also available.

As far as the Atom Z690 is concerned, this is Intel’s fastest processor based on the Oak Trail architecture and takes the place of the Z670 used by Fujitsu previously.

Compared to its predecessor, the new chip is clocked slightly higher as it operates at 1.7GHz vs. 1.5GHz, but it still features a single computing core.

The rest of the chips specs were also left unaltered by Intel so this features a 3W TDP, an integrated single-channel memory controller as well as a built-in GMA 600 graphics core.

This is based on a redesigned PowerVR SGX 535 GPU fabricated using the 45nm process and run at a higher frequency by Intel.

The rest of the tablet's specifications include 2GB of system memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, an optional 3G and GPS module, an HDMI output and a 10.1-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels.

According to the online configurator on the Fujitsu Poland website, the Atom Z690-equipped Stylistic Q550 is priced at 617 EUR ($823 US), while the model configured with a 128GB SSD retails for 1,079 EUR ($1,440 US).


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