Fujitsu Makes It Possible to Transfer Files to Phones Just by Filming the Screen

By projecting networking information on the screen, the need for menu navigation is gone

Ease of use has always been one of the long-term goals of information technology, and progress is regularly being achieved. There is still room for improvement though, which is what Fujitsu has to offer.

Fujitsu has come up with a way to send files to and from a mobile device just by capturing a video of the file displayed on a PC screen.

Sounds straightforward enough, which can only barely be said about the explanation. Long and complex, it doesn't lend itself to be easily summarized.

It is still possible though. According to Fujitsu, the technology has the PC superimpose certain information on the screen, in real time.

Said information includes the IP addresses and other device-specific details about the PC where the file is kept, and whose screen the phone is video recording.

The communications data is invisible to the human eye, but not the mobile phone camera.

With that data as a means to identify the source PC and its location on the web or network, the phone can directly access and copy the file being displayed.

Fujitsu describes it as a much more convenient alternative to leafing through phone menus until the desired file is located.

The technology also opens new doors for quick data exchange between a PC and several phones or tablets at once.

Forwarding phone-snapped photographs to a PC, enabling the download of presentation materials for several users at once during a meeting, these are just two applications of the technology that Fujitsu mentioned in its announcement.

Further information, and maybe some practical applications and implementation contracts with PC, phone and tablet companies, will be provided between February 25 and 28, at the mobile World Congress (MWC 2013).

For those who want to read a more thorough description of the technology now, the company was very generous when it informed the world of it. Go here for the complete explanation.


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