Fujitsu Launches Lifebook AH Laptops

They are low- to high-end models based on Intel Core CPUs

Having seen the new tablet and all-in-one computers from Fujitsu, we are only left with the new series of mobile personal computers, called Lifebook AH and designed to cover as broad a consumer base as possible.

Fujitsu didn't manage to make a notebook as cheap as a low-end model but as good as a high-end one. That is more or less impossible.

The company did make sure the new line of laptops was varied though, with entry-level versions and high-tier configurations alike.

As opposed to the AiO collection, there are no Advanced Micro Devices CPUs at work here. Only Intel Core series chips can be selected.

The Lifebook SH Series, the low-end one, has members with 13.3-inch displays and 14-inch panels. They boast Core i3/i5 CPUs. Their resolution is of 1366 x 768 pixels.

At the other end of the spectrum there is the Lifebook AH Series, with 15.6-inch screens and Core i7 central processing units (Core i7-3632QM). 8 GB of RAM back it up and the company even tossed in Blu-ray drives and Full HD touchscreens.

The company was succinct in its press release, saying that “From the LIFEBOOK AH family of 15.6-inch notebook PCs, Fujitsu is introducing two new models, the AH77/K and the AH56/K, that feature support for Windows 8 touch operations.”

Fujitsu has set up a full list of notebooks and their expected release dates here. Most of them will be selling come February 7, but three will take longer.

The AH77/K (the highest-end configuration) will debut on February 15. The AH56/K, colored Shiny Black, will arrive on February 22. Finally, the AH56/K (Urban White/Ruby Red) will make its entrance on March 2.

As before, prices are unknown, but the top-end notebooks, at least, will ship for more than some expect, due to perks like Sara-Sara Coating Display, which makes fingerprints and smudges stand out less.

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