Fujifilm Launches 9 New FinePix Cameras – Video

Six are bridge cameras, the others are point-and-shoot and/or compact

There are product releases when a single device or two related items are introduced, and then there are the types of device launches when a whole bunch of new products are released, like the one Fujifilm has just carried out.

To be fair, Fujifilm didn't really dump all nine new FinePix cameras in our figurative lap at once. The company was gracious enough to distribute them between three press releases.

All those releases have been made today though (January 2013), so it was mostly a matter of ease of approach (and wanting to avoid putting off potential customers by too long walls of text) than anything else.

There are six bridge cameras spread across the FinePix S6800 and S4800 series, then there are the F900EXR and F850EXR compact cameras, and the JX680 point-and-shoot.

The JX680 is a small item, with a 3-inch LCD, 3,200 maximum ISO, 720p video recording and editing and a price of $100 / 100 Euro.

The S6800, S6700 and S6600 all have 16-megapixel image sensors, but their zoom functions set them apart (30x, 28x and 26x).

All of them have OIS sensor stabilization though, plus 12,800 max ISO, 0.3-second autofocus, 1-second startup and Full HD video (1080i 60fps). Furthermore, they can shoot images in burst mode at 10 fps (max 10 frames). Prices go up to $250 / 250 Euro.

FinePix S4800, S4700 and S4600 have the same specs as above, except for the startup time (1.3 seconds), 720p video support at 30fps, and mini-HDMI. Prices are of $230 / 230 Euro tops.

That brings us to the F850EXR, a fairly basic compact camera with 20x zoom (optical), a 16 mp EXR-CMOS sensor, 9 fps continuous shooting (5 frames max), Eye-Fi card compatibility and Full HD recording, plus CMOS-shift image stabilization. Its price is $300 / 300 Euro.

Finally, the $400 / 400 Euro FinePix F900EXR adds Wi-Fi transfer capability to the specs of the F850EXR, 11 fps shooting of images, and the fastest autofocus speed in the world (0.05 seconds).

Use the following links to see more information on the S-Series all-in-one bridge cameras, the FinePix JX680, and FinePix F900EXR. More coverage on them and the others can be found here, here and here.


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