Fuduntu 2013.2 Officially Released – Screenshot Tour

The distribution comes with a new Linux kernel and updated applications

Fuduntu 2013.2, a lighthearted and fun Linux distribution that fits somewhere in-between Fedora and Ubuntu and designed to be aesthetically pleasing, is now available for download.

Users who already have the previous Fuduntu version installed can rest assured as they can easily upgrade to the 2013.1 version with a normal update process.

The developers of Fuduntu are not providing a light version of their operating system, designed specifically for laptops and notebooks.

“Users of the Fuduntu Lite will notice several programs that are normally installed by default, including LibreOffice, GIMP, and Thunderbird, are not installed. Fuduntu Lite scales down Fuduntu to a base install, allowing for more customization. The light version uses about 3-4 GB less hard drive space, depending on architecture,” reads the official announcement.

A few of the applications included in the latest version of Fuduntu, 2013.2, have been added because of popular demand. XBMC, the media center developed by the XBMC Foundation, is now available in the repositories, and LibreOffice was updated to version

Because Steam for Linux has garnered so many users, Fuduntu now includes an updated version of Mesa, which would permit access to more games such as Half-Life and Counter-Source, without having to install proprietary drivers.

Highlights of Fuduntu 2013.2:

• Linux Kernel has been updated to version 3.8.3-3;

• Gimp was updated to version 2.8.4;

• Thunderbird was updated to version 17.0.4;

• Firefox was updated to version 19.0.2;

• Chromium was updated to version 25.0.1364.172;

The Fuduntu team received new members, which helped with the development, but the most interesting tidbit of information is that a KDE respin of Fuduntu is on its way. There's no official launch date, but we can only hope that the next release will include a KDE flavor.

If you want more details about this new distribution, you should check out the official website.

Download Fuduntu 2013.2 right now from Softpedia.


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