Fuduntu 2012.3 Has Linux Kernel 3.4.4 and GIMP 2.8

It includes GRUB 2, Mozilla Firefox 13 and Mozilla Thunderbird 13

Andrew Wyatt proudly announced last evening, July 2nd, the immediate availability for download of the Fuduntu 2012.3 Linux operating system.

Fuduntu 2012.3 comes with lots of under-the-hood improvements, such as GCC 4.6.3, GRUB 2 as default bootloader, the Anaconda 16 installer, and the Droid Sans Mono terminal font.

The distro also features updated Mozilla Firefox web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird mail client, as well as the famous GIMP 2.8 image editor software.

"I would like to announce the immediate availability of Fuduntu 2012.3, our third quarterly release for 2012. Like all previous Fuduntu releases, this release follows our tradition of making small incremental distribution improvements that don’t sacrifice the stability of our Linux distribution."

"Existing Fuduntu users have already rolled up to 2012.3, as all of the updates available are released to our stable repository," said Andrew Wyatt in the official release announcement.

Highlights of Fuduntu 2012.3:

· Linux kernel 3.4.4;

· Chromium 19.0.1084.56;

· Mozilla Firefox 13.0.1;

· Mozilla Thunderbird 13.0.1;

· LibreOffice;

· GIMP 2.8;

· Pidgin 2.10.4;

· VirtualBox OSE 4.1.16;

· Wine 1.4.1;

· Infinality Freetype 2.4.10;

· GRUB2 2.0-0.27;

· GCC 4.6.3.

Click here to see the Fuduntu 2012.3 screenshot tour!

Review image
Fuduntu 2012.3

Be aware that some of the packages listed above are only available for the official Fuduntu software repositories. There are also over 2,000 package updates in this release.

The Fuduntu software repositories also host lots of proprietary video and wireless drivers, such as Nvidia 290.10 video driver, ATI Catalyst 12.4 display driver, and Broadcom Wi-Fi Adapter driver

Existing Fuduntu users can upgrade their currently installed versions to the brand-new Fuduntu 2012.3 through the usual update process, without downloading or installing anything from the new ISO images. However, GRUB 2 won't be upgraded automatically, so it should be manually updated following this procedure.

Download Fuduntu 2012.3 right now from Softpedia.

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