Fuduntu 2012.1 Features Linux Kernel 3.1.6

Also has Chromium 16 and Adobe Flash Player

Andrew Wyatt proudly announced a few minutes ago, January 10th, the immediate availability for download of the Fuduntu 2012.1 Linux operating system.

Fuduntu 2012.1 is a maintenance release, featuring small improvements and fixing existing bugs. It is powered by Linux kernel 3.1.6, and has Chromium 16 web browser, as well as the latest Adobe Flash Player pllugin.

Starting with this version the developer decided to change the release numbering to Year.Release, instead of Release.Month as it was in previous versions of the distribution.

Moreover, the version change will also bring four roll-up releases of Fuduntu in 2012. But, a release schedule is not mentioned and it will never be available, as the developer wants to release his distribution when it's stable and ready for the general public.

"The Fuduntu quarterly installation ISO image (2012.1) is now available for immediate download. As with all Fuduntu releases, this release continues our tradition of small incremental improvements."

"It is important to note that existing Fuduntu users will roll up to this version through the normal update process, and do not need to download or install from this media to benefit from this release." - said Andrew Wyatt in the official release announcement.

Review image
Fuduntu 2012.1

Fuduntu 2012.1 also features Mozilla Firefox 9 and Mozilla Thunderbird 9 products, Xfce 4.8 and LibreOffice 3.4.3, all available in the default software repositories.

The default desktop theme (Fuduntu Classic) and the font (Google Droid Sans) were also changed in this release, making Fuduntu more likeable.

Last but not least, The GIMP image editor was removed from Fuduntu, and thousands of updated or new packages were added in the default software repository.

Existing Fuduntu users can upgrade their current versions to the brand-new Fuduntu 2012.1 through the usual update process, without downloading or installing anything from the new ISO images.

Download Fuduntu 2012.1 right now from Softpedia.

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