Frustrated TV Anchors Resign on Air – Video

Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio say their goodbye live after dispute with management

Two TV anchors from ABC’s WVII affiliate in Bangor, Maine, just became the latest pair of Internet stars after shocking the people at home with their joint resignation live, on air.

The video of their joint resignation is above.

On air, the two kept it very diplomatic, only saying that this would be their final show and that they would be pursuing separate projects from now on.

Reports online say the resignation comes after a dispute with the management over journalistic practices.

“And finally tonight, this will be Tony and my final show together right here on ABC 7. The last six years have been an interesting and enjoyable time for us as we have been the longest-running news team in Bangor,” Michaels said.

“On behalf of Cindy and me, we have loved every moment bringing the news to you. Some recent developments have come to our attention, though, and departing together is the best alternative,” Consiglio added.

Kudos to them though for staying professional until the end.

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