Frozen-Faced Jocelyn Wildenstein Steps Out with Boyfriend

Socialite shows how plastic surgery can go very badly

She’s been called many things, including Cat Woman, the Bride of Wildenstein and Lion Queen, and a single look at Jocelyn Wildenstein’s frozen, odd face is enough to explain why. The socialite made a rare appearance over the weekend.

They say looks aren’t everything in life but, with Jocelyn, there was a time when looks were everything. In fact, judging by how different she looks from two years ago, they still are and she’s still transforming herself.

Because of the extensive plastic surgery she’s had, Jocelyn is rarely seen out in public, which, in turn, makes the few appearances she does make newsworthy.

They also serve as a warning to anyone who would consider getting this much work done to the face, as the Daily Mail puts it.

The socialite, accompanied by her latest beau, designer Lloyd Klein, stepped out for dinner – and again shocked the blogosphere with her frozen, deformed face.

Or, as Holy Molly puts it, she now “smiles with every part of her face,” that tight is her skin pulled.

Dressed casually in black leather pants, a black blazer and a scarf tossed over the shoulder, Jocelyn was all smiles for the cameras, as also was Klein who, says the Mail, doesn’t seem a complete stranger to surgery either.

“The 64-year-old [sic: she's 71] did not seem to have a care in the world as she stepped out with her boyfriend over the weekend,” the British tab writes.

“The wealthy socialite has been dating Lloyd Klein for the past few years, and the fashion designer doesn't seem to mind sitting face to face with his date,” adds the Mail.

“They enjoyed dinner at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood on Saturday night and both were in good spirits,” the publication notes.

For those wondering what happened to make a woman look like this, we should mention that Jocelyn was awarded many millions of dollars in the divorce from Alec Wildenstein, for whom she began this transformation.

She believed she would keep him from cheating on her if she looked more “feline like” but, when the marriage fell apart, she continued to spend many millions of transforming her face.

The exact extent of her surgeries is unknown (and she only says she’s had “no more or less than any other woman”), but it is believed she underwent at least seven facelifts and as much interventions meant to alter the shape of her eyes.

Add to that lots of fillers, Botox and collagen injections and you get this.


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