From the Vaults: Haunted Toaster, 1984

Woman claimed her toaster was possessed by Satan, made television history

Every once in a while, the weirdest and most ridiculous topics get the attention of the national and international media. Believe it or not, but this was also the case almost 3 decades ago, with the video above.

It originally aired in May 1984 on The Today Show and documented a strange case of haunting: the toaster from hell.

June O’Brien was the owner of the toaster and, in the video, she tries to explain how Satan made himself felt through it.

In other words, she says, the toaster periodically makes toast with the inscription “SATAN LIVES” or even with Satan’s face, and occasionally spits fire.

Even so, it also “makes good toast,” which is why she could never bring herself to throw it away. Indeed, the thought of having Satan in it wasn’t enough to get this woman to part with her beloved toaster.

Check out the hilarity above.

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