From the Vaults: Amazing Wheel of Fortune One-Letter Win

26-year-old fashion editor Caitlin Burke only submitted the letter “L”

You might have missed this moment from 2010, but it was truly one of the greatest wins in Wheel of Fortune history.

Caitlin Burke submitted only the letter “L” in this edition of the competition, and that's all she needed to guess the entire phrase. She confessed she was also helped by the apostrophe in the phrase.

“I've got a good feeling about this,” was the correct answer. She got it right without needing any other tries.

26-year-old fashion editor Burke told Esquire that she practiced for the show by doing a lot of puzzles.

“I really believe that luck is preparation meeting opportunity. [...] Gymnasts might be naturally talented, but they can always make themselves better. I wondered what I could do to improve my own ability,” she said.

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