From Blood Red to Neon Blue: Australian Beaches Start Glowing

The algae which first made these waters red are now making them neon blue

It was only yesterday that the news broke that some of Australia's most appreciated beaches suffered an extreme makeover and turned blood red, all thanks to an unexpected algae bloom.

Apparently, these algae can do more than just bring back memories of biblical stories: they can also make oceanic waters look neon blue during night time, as the people who happened to be close to the Bondi and Coogee beaches late Wednesday night witnessed with their own eyes.

Sources say that the beaches in the South of Sydney put on a similar show, much to the delight of locals and tourists.

Marine biologists explain that this peculiar phenomenon occurs when the water in which these algae reside becomes agitated.

“Typically what makes it light up is the water becoming disturbed from movement and turbulence,” marine biologist Justin Seymour said.

A similar phenomenon occurred in California about a year ago, so if you want to see how Australian waters now look like during night time, check out the video below.

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