Friends Split Lottery Money After Pact Made Years Before

A Georgia man gives his childhood friends a share of his $1 million (€770 K) prize

A Twiggs County, Georgia resident has split his $1 million (€770 K) lottery prize with two friends over a pact they made when they were younger.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the three men agreed to share any large amount of money any of them would win several years ago.

The day that 59-year-old Kenneth Wilson bought a ticket at a local grocery store, his friend James Scoles of Alaska found a message about winning the lottery in a fortune cookie. He and his cousin Sanford Watson will be joining in on Wilson's winnings.

“I was just as tickled for them as I was for myself. We just had a verbal agreement and I felt like that had to be honored,” Wilson tells NBC News of his generous decision.

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