French Students Steal Llama While Drunk, Take It on Tram Tour

They left it with a tram inspector who had no choice but to guard it

A group of teenagers in France have stolen a llama and taken random photos with it around town. They published the photos online after stealing the poor creature early Thursday morning.

They got the animal from the circus and took it around the town of Bordeaux. According to the Independent, they went to the circus to play with the animals and decided to take one with them.

They first intended to take a zebra but it was too hard to move and way too stubborn, so they chose the llama instead.

The animal, named Serge, was spotted by a ticket checker in the tram. The group panicked and left the llama behind.

The inspector did not really know what to do with it and tied it to a lamp post before authorities could pick it up. The teens have not been charged for the crime, and their adventures have gone viral online.

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