French Soldier's Photo in Mali Sparks Outrage over Skeleton Bandana

The army man resembles a character from Call of Duty

Photographer Issouf Sanogo took this shot of a French soldier stationed in Mali, while the army man was wearing a skeleton bandana.

With his goggles and mask, the soldier depicted here is reminiscent of a character from Call of Duty. It is possible that the item is sold by the same company that produces the game.

The image was taken on January 20, and, perhaps because of the striking resemblance and all-in-all strong imagery, it quickly went viral.

Apparently, higher-ups in the French military are furious over the photo and how they are being represented.

France currently has 2,150 troops deployed in Mali, HuffPost writes. They are battling Islamist rebel troops there. This shot was captured in the region of Niono, which is currently held by Al-Qaida, according to NBC News.

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