French President Hollande Refuses to Save TB-Stricken Elephants

There is little doubt that the sick animals will soon be put to sleep

A few days back, the news that actress Brigitte Bardot will apply for Russian citizenship unless something was done to keep two sick elephants from being put to sleep made headlines.

Recent information on this topic says that, despite the fact that Baby and Nepal's story touched the hearts of many, Francois Hollande has refused to bestow his presidential “pardon” on these two suffering animals, FOCUS Information Agency reports.

As explained, the elephants have contracted tuberculosis, which is why the staff at Tete d’Or, i.e. the zoo where they are kept, now wish to euthanize them.

However, both Brigitte Bardot and numerous ordinary folks are firmly convinced that proper care and relocation are the way to go.

Following Francois Hollande's refusal to get involved in this matter, it is quite likely that Baby and Nepal will soon be humanely euthanized.

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