French Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portal Hacked by Tunisian Cyber Army

The hackers have defaced one of the website's subdomains

The Tunisian Cyber Army has managed to breach the portal of France’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (

The hackers have defaced the “” domain, but one hour earlier they revealed the existence of an SQL Injection vulnerability on the website, so it’s likely that they’ve gained access to several sections of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

At the time of writing, the defacement page wasremoved from the CCI website. However, I’ve found a screenshot of the defaced site on CWN.

In their “disclaimer notice,” the hackers accuse the website’s owners of being “terrorist supporters,” “anti-Turkish” and “separatism sympathizers.”

Last year, hackers from DeleteSec hacked the American Chamber of Commerce in France, leaking a few hundred usernames, email addresses and passwords.

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