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Zoho goes offline with Google Gears

If anyone is still interested in buying Microsoft Office, then this should make them turn their to another solution on the market, because Microsoft's pack of tools is not the only technology available on the market. Beside Google's Office suite, OpenOffice and other similar services, a new product is now aiming to challenge the software companies using a very interesting project.

Zoho is the provider of a web-based Office suite that includes Writer, Sheet, Show, Projects and other utilities. Although its main rival is Thinkfree, a similar technology with almost the same features, Zoho will soon migrate into the offline mode to compete with other companies and products. According to the official blog of the Zoho creator, the Writer solution will step into the offline mode today, using the power of Google Gears. If you didn't know, the Mountain View company Google launched Gears as a revolutionary tool that allows the consumers to use a certain service even without an Internet connection.

"In Zoho Writer, you'll now see 'Go Offline' link on the top. Clicking on the link for the first time will prompt you to install Google Gears. Once the installation is complete (and your browser restarted), click on 'Go Offline' to make your documents (both personal and shared docs) available offline. By default 15 documents are downloaded to be available offline. You can change the options by clicking on the down arrow beside 'Go Offline' link to download more documents. To go back online, click on 'Go Online' and you'll be redirected to the online version ofZoho Writer," Raju Vegesna wrote on the blog.

Some time ago, Google debuted Gears and presented it as the first utility that allows customers to use a web-based service into offline mode without an Internet connection. At that time, it also updated Google Reader in order to be the first technology ever compatible with Gears and accessible anytime.

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