Freestyle Moto-X III Hardcore Gets Mobile

Major challenge

Freestyle Moto-X III Hardcore is the third in the series of the most successful FMX franchise for mobile phones. It sold almost two million units to date and will be available from now on at a global scale.

Freestyle Moto-X III Hardcore didn't get this name for nothing. It's a really tough and challenging game that brings to mobile phones a cutting edge physics engine in each game. Each new version of the application came with several improvements at this level, allowing players to be thrown from the bike and have the most extreme crashes ever seen on mobile.

Players can turn their bikes 180 degrees to ride the tracks in reverse and doing insane 360 air tricks. There are also several bonus levels that bring the shocking Kamikaze, a death defying Big Jump and a wide range of stunning tricks to pull off, such as Superman, Cordova and Tsunami. Moreover, players work their way up from the LA backstreets for later moving on to the bright lights of Vegas and become a Motocross star. The final challenge is that of pulling off one of the craziest possible stunts at a huge Rock Concert.

I-play really takes this game seriously. "To be a Moto-X champion, you have to be willing to put your body, health and, in some circumstances, your life on the line. But for those who don't want to go to that extreme, the fun can be experienced from the relative safety of the mobile phone", commented David Gosen, President of I-play.

There also seems to be a secret lying behind this game's great features. "The technology behind FMX III Hardcore is borrowed from molecular physics and allows fast and realistic simulation of the stunning stunts achievable in the sport. XENDEX will continue to push the limits of mobile phone games with other upcoming title releases", said Michael Haberl, CEO of XENDEX.

Freestyle Moto-X III Hardcore will be available starting this month across I-play's global network of distribution partners.

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