FreeNAS 9.2.0 Is Available for Download

The latest version of this distribution can be downloaded from Softpedia

FreeNAS, a free implementation of a minimal FreeBSD distribution, has reached version 9.2.0 and is available for download.

FreeNAS 9.2.0 has introduced a large number of functional changes in comparison with the 8.x branch, and this can be easily observed from the announcement.

“USB 3.0 support is disabled by default as it currently is not compatible with some hardware, including Haswell (Lynx point) chipsets. To enable USB 3.0 support, create a Tunable named xhci_load, set its value to YES, and reboot the system!” said the developers.

Highlights of FreeNAS 9.2.0:

• The Kernel UMA allocator is now the default for ZFS and this results in higher ZFS performance;

• ZFS is now able to alert the administrator for pools that are not 4K-aligned;

• According to the developers, FreeNAS will treat all disks as 4K sector (“Advanced Format”) disks. This is a future-proof setting that allows AF disks to later be used as replacement drives for older, legacy 512 byte sector drives;

• Avahi (multicast DNS, aka Bonjour) is now responsible for the registration of all services, and it includes the web service. This means that users no longer need to have a head on the box to know its IP address, even for initial configuration, if the system your browser is running on supports mDNS;

• The built-in admin user account is no longer used and the Admin Account has been removed;

• FreeNAS no longer sends daily emails when email reporting is enabled unless actual errors;

• HTTP and HTTPS access to the FreeNAS graphical interface are no longer mutually exclusive;

• An “Edit” button has been added to the “Hostname” field of System Information to make the hostname easier to change;

• The AIO options have been removed from CIFS.

A complete list of changes and updates can be found in the official announcement. Download FreeNAS 9.2.0 right now from Softpedia.

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