Free iPhone App Aimed at 'Quitters'

Psychological help from an iPhone application

Ever thought that, as a quitter, you could actually do something good with your life for once? You could quit smoking, and Paze's Health & Fitness free iPhone app, "Quitter", is here to help you do just that.

Paze's Quitter requires iPhone / iPod touch users to specify the number of cigarettes they used to smoke (yes, you actually have to quit smoking first), as well as the sum of cash spent on the respective daily trend. The application will take these two aspects into account and will tell you, with the passing of each day, how much money you've saved since you quit. Not a bad deal, considering the application itself is free.

From the iTunes App Store, the app's description goes,

Being a "Quitter" has never been so rewarding! This FREE application will keep track of how long you've been smoke-free and how much money you have saved since giving up smoking. Simply enter the cost of a pack of cigarettes and how many you smoked a day and watch as this program keeps track of how much money you're saving. Quitting smoking can be one of the most difficult things you will do but a quick glance at the dollar signs on your iPhone will help you stay on track. Go ahead, be a Quitter.

The application has already been updated once, fixing an issue with price per pack and certain currency formats. Quitter is available only in English, for the time being, and requires iPhone or iPod touch firmware 2.0 or later to run. The application can be downloaded here, for free.

It would be nice to see future versions of the app incorporating cool imagery, or more information on a quitter's health improvements.

Other applications developed by Paze include, Inauguration, Daily Count, My Lists and Wooly Willy. You can check them out here.

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