Free iPad Mini Offer Is On, Scams Lure Users to Rogue Facebook App

Beware of an application called “Apple Developers (Free iPad mini)”

Cybercriminals are advertising a shady Facebook app with the aid of posts that leverage the popularity of the latest Apple product, the iPad Mini.

According to Sophos experts, it all starts with a Facebook post that reads: “Are you a Apple fan ? The Free iPad mini offer is on. Go here - [Link] to get Free iPad mini.”

Those who click on the link are taken to a rogue Facebook app called “Apple Developers (Free iPad mini),” which requests access to basic information and permission to post on the users’ behalf.

Once these permissions are granted, the shady message is posted on the victims’ timelines to ensure that their friends see it as well.

Experts warn that these malicious Facebook apps are often utilized to collect the personal details of unsuspecting users, but also to spread scams and spam across social media websites.

The bottom line is that you must be careful when presented with offers that seem too good to be true because they usually are. Also, be careful when granting permission to Facebook apps since they can cause a lot of problems for you if you're not cautious.

If you've already taken the bait and clicked on the iPad Mini “offers,” be sure to revoke the app’s rights and remove all the posts it has made on your behalf.

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