Free Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter from BT Total Broadband

Offer available only in the UK

Yes, you're reading it right, you may get a Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter from BT Total Broadband if you become one of their customers. This wireless adapter would normally set you back some GBP 59.99.

If you want to benefit from this offer, you have to sign up on the BT website and if you are too lazy to search for the link yourself, you can click here. The Xbox 360 wireless Adapter will allow you to connect your Xbox 360 wirelessly to BT Total Broadband via the BT Home Hub.

Apparently, BT Total Broadband customers can benefit from speeds up to 8Mb, fact that would further enhance your online multiplayer gaming experience. This free wireless adapter offer is available for new customers only and for those who decided to switch their supplier. If you subscribe to BT Total Broadband now, you will pay GBP 9.95 for the first six months. This offer is available until June the 30th of 2007.

If you didn't realize it until now, this offer is available only in the U.K., as BT stands for British Telecommunication. Yeah, it operates in over 170 countries around the world but this offer is for the U.K. only. For further information, hit the link provided above.

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