Free Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition and Party Pack Sold on Ebay

The ecommerce site has apparently stopped some auctions

Although it’s rather a contradiction, free editions of Windows 7, along with the also free party packs built around the operating system, are now available for purchase via Ebay. Obviously, it is not Microsoft that is doing the selling. In order to ignite the word of mouth around Windows 7, Microsoft introduced the opportunity for geeks to host launch parties for the operating system. For the host of each approved party, the Redmond company put together a package of goodies, including a free edition of Windows 7 RTM. Some of the Windows 7 Party Packs managed to find their way onto Ebay, rather than becoming the center-stage prop for a Windows 7 party, after the operating system becomes generally available on October 2nd, 2009.

After the first Windows 7 Party Packs started being made available, reports indicated that Ebay intervened and shut down the auctions, according to Beyond Binary. The Redmond company did not provide specific details about the Windows 7 Party Packs auctions being shut down.

"While we cannot confirm why eBay has removed these specific auctions, Microsoft routinely works with online auction sites such as eBay to remove infringing auctions," a company spokesperson stated. "The Signature Edition of Ultimate that was included in the Party Packs is clearly marked on the outer wrap Not For Resale."

Microsoft offered a complete package of party goodies, including balloons, a deck of cards, and even a free signature edition of Windows 7 RTM signed by Steve Ballmer. At the time of this article Windows 7 Party Packs auctions continued to be live on Ebay. However, users must understand that the Windows 7 Party Packs are not designed to be resold. This is of course, also valid for the Windows 7 RTM Ultimate Steve Ballmer signature edition. In fact, Windows 7 Launch Party hosts are not allowed to kick off their events until after the October 22nd, General Availability deadline for Windows 7. Only Microsoft employees that have already been greenlit got hosting Windows 7 Launch Parties.

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