Free Windows 7 Shamrocks Theme Pack

In celebration of Saint Patrick's Day

Microsoft uses the Windows Personalization Gallery to not only let customers running the latest iteration of the Windows client customize their desktops with unique imagery, but also enable companies to do brand advertising on the users’ computers. However, the Redmond company is also feeding national pride with a range of themes featuring local content from countries around the world. The latest addition to the collection of Windows 7 themes is the Shamrocks themepack, offered just in time for the Saint Patrick's Day celebration on March 17th.

The Shamrocks theme brings to desktops a few wallpapers that are bound to resonate with Irish nationals more than with other users of Windows 7. As the theme’s label implies, the content features a lot of green and the shamrock, both symbols of Ireland. Saint Patrick's Day, also referred to as St. Paddy's Day or even Paddy's Day, is an annual celebration of Saint Patrick, without a doubt the most prominent patron saint of the island.

Historians claim that St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated well ahead of its introduction in the Catholic Church’s calendar, however, the event was a religious holiday at core for over two centuries after it was officially recognized by the church in the 17th century. Only in 1903 did St. Paddy's Day become a public holiday. At this point in time, March 17th is celebrated around the world in countries with citizens that have an Irish heritage, such as the US, Australia, Canada, etc.

The three-leafed clover theme is available just in time to allow Windows 7 users with Irish blood to personalize their desktops in accordance with the upcoming Saint Patrick's Day. As all content on the Windows Personalization Gallery, the Windows 7 Shamrocks theme is offered completely free of charge.

The Windows 7 Shamrocks Theme is available for download here.

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