Free Unvanquished FPS Feels like Alien vs. Predator

A new update has been released for this great game

Unvanquished, a free, open source first-person shooter combining real-time strategy elements with a futuristic and sci-fi setting, has just received its 23rd update.

Even if Unvanquished is still in its Alpha stages, the developers have added a lot of new features and the game has become a lot more playable.

The Unvanquished Alpha 23 is not as big an update as the previous ones, but its makers have managed to implement a few new features, models, sounds, turrets, and more.

“We're using OpenAL everywhere now (QAL's gone), so we can now start making good use of various effects; as of this release, we have doppler and reverb. There's a /testReverb command, intended to help mappers choose a suitable preset; we have reverb effects much like we already have colour grading – and Parpax has been updated to use this” reads the official announcement.

Highlights of Unvanquished Alpha 23:

• The defence computer farms have been removed. Instead, the human team's buildings now have self-repair capabilities, and the construction kit repair rate is reduced to compensate for this. • Reactor zap is extended but weakened, and it gets the defence computer bonus by default;

• Turrets now lock onto aliens much more quickly which should make them a lot more effective;

• When placing a drill or a leech, the mining efficiency gain (or loss) is now shown;

• The Hives now have more sting and their choice of target has been improved, making theme a lot more dangerous;

• Support has been implemented for the IQM format for models and animations;

• Snowstation is now known as Chasm;

• Various admin commands are now longer available during intermissions.

More details about this amazingly-looking game can be found on the official website. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress and bugs are bound to be encountered.

Download Unvanquished Alpha 23 right now from Softpedia.

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