Free Open Source Microsoft Media Platform Content Manager 1.0 RTW

Microsoft Media Platform Content Manager 1.0 has been released to web, and is now available for download free of charge.

The open source solution from Microsoft is designed to help customers deal with their online video assets management needs, which should be obvious in the official label that the Redmond company slapped on the solution.

Microsoft Media Platform Content Manager 1.0 RTW is live on the software giant’s Download Center as of the end of June 2011.

“The newly released Microsoft Media Platform Content Manager pulls together an end-to-end video workflow that allows you to create live streaming events, transcode on-demand content, manage and publish video, edit video, and insert mid-roll advertisements,” revealed Microsoft’s Chris Knowlton.

“This open-source release can be used by enterprises, educational institutions, and broadcasting companies to manage their video assets using a lightweight and highly-customizable solution built on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Media Platform (MMP) technologies, including Silverlight 4, IIS Media Services 4.0, and Expression Encoder 4.”

Customers that head over to the download page for MMPCM 1.0 RTW will also be able to grab the documentation that Microsoft is providing for this offering.

The guidance is bound to come in handy when dealing with the various tasks that can be performed with Microsoft Media Platform Content Manager 1.0 RTW, including publishing, defining, editing, approving or rejecting video assets.

MMPCM 1.0 RTW also comes with video transcoding capabilities, as well as support for broadcasting live events, complete with ad insertion.

“The MMP Content Manager is one of four MMP frameworks optimized around IIS Smooth Streaming and its open-specification adaptive streaming file format, known as PIFF (the Protected Interoperable File Format). It greatly simplifies the workflow for complex video streaming events, such as PDC 2010,” Knowlton added.

Microsoft Media Platform Content Manager 1.0 RTW is available for download here.

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