Free Microsoft OneNote for Macs to Be Launched Soon

Microsoft is trying to steal Evernote’s users with a free application

Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch its popular OneNote note-taking app for Macs with a freeware license, in an attempt to better compete with Evernote on multiple platforms.

OneNote, which is included in the Office productivity suite, is offered free of charge to Windows 8.1 users in the Metro interface and as part of the Office Online package, so this could really be a big change if the report proves to be true.

Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet is reporting that OneNote for desktop Windows could also be offered with a freeware license as well, in an attempt to attract more developers to write applications based on OneNote.

Of course, Microsoft is yet to release some comments on these changes, but the new OneNote for Mac could be part of the new version of Office for Mac expected to launch sometime this year, most likely in the second quarter.

As far as Windows 8 Metro is concerned, word is that Microsoft is also working on a touch-optimized version of the productivity suite that would launch this year and would allow users to create documents and spreadsheets right in the Modern UI.

OneNote is also available on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices via dedicated apps, so Mac is the only platform that shall receive it in as a new solution in the coming months.

If you’re wondering what’s so special about OneNote, Microsoft claims that version 2013 makes it extremely easy to create and store notes, especially because it’s available on so many platforms, most of which feature cloud integration. This way, you can create a note on your desktop computer, for example, and access it at a later time from your mobile phone.

“OneNote is a digital notebook for capturing, storing, and sharing all kinds of information. The first thing you’ll see when you open OneNote 2013 is a fresh, clean look that lets you focus on your thoughts and ideas instead of the interface. Full integration with the cloud means you can free your files from your computer’s hard drive so your notes and information are saved and searchable wherever you go — on nearly any mobile device, tablet, or browser,” Microsoft says.

OneNote is basically part of the Office productivity suite, so you need to purchase an expensive license before being able to use it, a but a one-month trial is also offered in case you wish to give it a try right now.

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