Free Internet Calls with Nokia and Challenger Mobile

VoIP for the Eseries, N80ie or N95 mobile phones

Mobile VoIP will be available from now on to owners of several high-end handsets from Nokia's range of devices. These mobile phones will include the Challenger out feature, which enables its user to place calls anywhere in the world.

With Challenger out, calls can be placed at low rates to landlines and mobiles too. The service is available for owners of the Eseries, N80ie or N95 mobile phones. Aside from this, there are several other similar services that the user can choose from, depending on his preferences.

Challenger mobile account owners can call both landlines and mobiles at local rates. Moreover, its subscriber can buy a local phone number which will bring great advantages for those who call him too. No matter where in the world the subscriber is at a specific time, he can be called at local rates.

Another advantage that Challenger brings is that of redirecting any incoming internet calls to the customer's regular mobile phone number if they are not online. This means constant services and reliable functionality at all times for its user. Mobile VoIP technology has taken a considerable turn for development recently, as they bring best services at lowest rates, which makes them a first choice for mobile phone users.

"Launching these new features lies perfectly within our strategy to take internet calling to a whole new level in the mobile world. We are incredibly excited to offer our customers the unique opportunity to take their mobile communications needs into the next century", commented Carl-Johan Grund, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Challenger mobile.

Challenger out is available in exchange for a monthly subscription fee of USD 10. This makes it possible for people to place calls for prices as low as 2.7 cents per minute, which considerably rises depending on the country where the call is made.

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