Free Exchange Server 2010 Training Available

Courtesy of Microsoft

Earlier this week Microsoft has reached an important development milestone with the next iteration of Exchange Servers. As of August 18th, 2009, the Redmond company is offering testers the Release Candidate build of Exchange Server 2010, a clear signal that the gold bits of the products are not that far off in the distance. As is the case with major Microsoft software products, Exchange Server 2010 is accompanied by a range of resources, including content designed to help customers get an insight into the solution. In this regard, Microsoft has made available free Exchange Server 2010 training, in an effort to feed the market’s hunger for the successor of Exchange Server 2007.

Just as it was the case for Windows 7, the software giant is offering customers free Learning Snacks, nothing more than training content served in bite size chunks with the help of Microsoft Silverlight. Tamir Bar-Haim, Microsoft audience marketing manager, pointed out that two Exchange Server 2010 learning snacks could already be accessed: Unified Messaging in Exchange 2010 and High Availability and Storage in Exchange 2010.

At the same time, Microsoft is offering for download a consistent portion of the Exchange 2010 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant, namely Chapter 1: Exchange Server Administration Overview and Chapter 6: Mailbox Administration. In addition, there are no less than three eLearning Clinics from the software giant, also made available at absolutely no charge:Collection 6899: Exploring Features in Exchange 2010 (2-hours); Collection 6900: Introduction to Exchange 2010 (1-hour) and Collection 6901: Exchange Server 2010 in an Enterprise (1-hour).

The training and learning content offered by the Redmond company along with the first Release Candidate of Exchange Server 2010 make an excellent combination. Customers interested in the next version of Exchange should not hesitate in the least when it comes down to grabbing the Exchange Server 2010 RC bits and turning to the content to help discover the best that Exchange 2010 has to offer.

Also, I’m hearing that Microsoft has a few more surprises up its sleeve, covering multiple products, all designed to help customers leverage its technologies as best as possible. But more on that in due time.

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