Free Download of Yellow Dog Linux for Playstation 3

Linux for Playstation 3

Originally released on 27 November, Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 is now available for download to general public. Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 is a Fedora-based distribution created special for the new Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console.

"Yellow Dog Linux combines a minimal interaction graphical installer with support for a wide range of Power architecture hardware, leading (but not bleeding) edge kernels and stable, functional compilers for code development. And of course, the foundation applications and servers expected for web, database, email, and network services." - says Terra Soft.

Yellow Dog Linux comes with 2248 applications available for both beginners and advanced users. Terra Soft created a set of packages installed by default which offer all that you need in order to enjoy your Linux desktop experience. Let's have a look under the hood of Yellow Dog Linux version 5.0:

■ Kernel v2.6.16

■ Kboot

■ GCC 3.4.4

■ Glibc 2.4

■ Cell SDK v1.1

■ GCalctool

■ Evolution

■ Screen Capture

■ Gedit

■ VNC Viewer

■ Gnome Games

■ Evince

■ Gimp

■ GThumb

■ Thunderbird

■ Gaim

■ Firefox

■ Suite

■ Eclipse

■ Glade

■ Totem

■ Rythmbox

...and many, many more interesting and useful applications.

The software categories included in Yellow Dog Linux are as follows:

■ Amusement

■ Amusements

■ Application

■ Applications

■ Desktop

■ Development

■ Documentation

■ Internet

■ Libraries

■ Networking

■ Security

■ System

■ System Environment

■ Systems Management

■ Text Editors

■ Text Processing

■ User Interface

■ Utilities


Download Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 for PlayStation 3 now from Softpedia.

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