Free Costco Gift Card Scam Making Rounds on Facebook

Crooks earn cash for each person that clicks on the fake ad

Facebook members may be presented with a message stating that Costco is giving away a limited number of free gift cards, but in reality, it’s nothing more than a scam designed by crooks to earn tons of affiliate cash with the help of unsuspecting internauts.

The company noticed the large amount of phony messages and issued a statement to their customers on Facebook.

“There are numerous posts circulating on Facebook stating that we are giving away $100 to $1,000 Costco Cash Cards to all Facebook users. Costco is not giving away Costco Cash Cards to Facebook users, and is not associated with this program. Thanks to our fans for letting us know,” reads the post.

Beware of such messages since each time the link from the ad is clicked on and the victim is taken to a survey page, the cybercrooks earn a certain amount of money. The user on the other hand never actually receives any prizes or gift cards.

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