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Using Google search engine

Google's search engine is currently the most powerful search technology on the Internet because it provides powerful functions bundled with a huge database of websites. Although most users are using the basic features of the search engine, Google's technology contains an impressive number of hidden searches and commands that can improve the relevancy of the results. The number of these secret queries is impressive and you can find all of them on these three links.

Google isn't the only search engine that provides these features because Yahoo also provides hidden searches accessible on this link.

It seems like the search engine provided by Google also offers a hidden command that allows you to search for 3gp files and download them on your computer. The 3gp format is available through a mobile device and helps you view movies directly from the mobile phone.

Tech Recipe posted an interesting article to publish the secret command, sustaining it represents the best alternative for torrents sites or P2P applications. So, if you want to search for 3gp directories on the Internet, a sort of folders with a certain number of movies owned by specific users, you should enter the following search query in the Google search box.

-inurl:htm -inurl:html -inurl:asp intitle:"index of" 3gp

If you want to find a specific file without searching the entire directory, you can try to personalize the command and type the following search query.

filetype:3gp inurl:3gp keyword

After you download a video in the 3gp format, you can view it on your computer using a special application, Apple QuickTime that was also tested by Softpedia and available as a free download on this link.

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