Free BlueCat Plugin-pack and the Vista Generation

BlueCat Audio offers an awesome DX/VST plugin collection and announces Vista compatibility

Two pieces of news from the Blue Cat Audio team for this hour's headline, one nicer than the other.

First of all, Blue Cat have proudly announced the final step made in the direction of making their audio software Windows Vista - compatible. Neat job done there, especially as this upgrade (we can call it an upgrade, can't we?) affects both the VST and the DX versions of their rather cool pieces of code.

All their software is now fully compatible with the new User Account Control brought in by Vista and visually, some of you will be surprised to notice the (cool) Vistafied transparency feature. The Blue Cat Skinning Engine is now version 1.3 and it will allow you to work further on the alpha blending options. So, Vista-loving sound-processing audio enthusiasts, waste no more time and check things out!

The second piece of good news is Vista-related as well but it's even better than the first: Blue Cat Audio has carefully thought of you, your desires and your time as well and has prepared a very cool software bundle for you to download for free.

Basically, it contains the newly-specced plugins and as I assume you have already guessed, this one goes in both DX and VST formats. If you want to make a "drive test" with the Blue Cat Audio's recent software, now's the perfect time: you can download for free this handy zip-packed bundle containing all the cool and efficient plugins you need to make your audio sound pro.

You get the Blue Cat's Chorus, Digital Peak Meter, Flanger, FreqAnalyst, Gain Suite, Phaser, Stereo Chorus and the Stereo Flanger, all ready for work and all offering the same uncompromised sound quality. Get the DX pack here and the VST version here and have fun with your new toys!


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