Frankie Muniz, 26, Hospitalized After Suffering Stroke

Actor is recovering, but doctors remain puzzled about his health

“Malcolm in the Middle” star Frankie Muniz was hospitalized after suffering what he describes on Twitter as a “mini-stroke.” Muniz is just 26 years old; in fact, he will be 27 today, December 5, 2012.

“I was in the hospital last Friday. I suffered a ‘Mini Stroke,’ which was not fun at all. Have to start taking care of my body! Getting old!” the actor tweeted just hours ago, breaking the news to his fans.

TMZ reports that, on the day of the hospital visit, Muniz started acting really weird and his friends got so spooked they had no other choice but to take him to the hospital.

It was determined there that he had suffered a mini-stroke but, as of now, the doctors are yet to establish what might have caused it, the celebrity e-zine says after speaking to sources close to the actor.

“Sources close to Frankie tell TMZ, the 26-year-old was taken to an Arizona ER on Friday when friends noticed he was ‘acting really weird’ – having trouble speaking and understanding words – and they got freaked out,” TMZ writes.

“Doctors told Frankie he had suffered a ‘mini-stroke’ though they didn't know what caused it. We're told Frankie's still awaiting test results,” the same media outlet reports.

“Frankie's birthday is [today] and his band Kingsfoil is set to begin touring on Friday – but he's currently under doctor's orders to take it easy,” TMZ adds.

When the doctors have the results of the tests back, chances are Frankie himself will tweet about them, just to keep his concerned fans up to speed with his health state.

A short while ago, another celebrity gave fans a proper scare after being hospitalized for a mini-stroke: Joe Jackson, the father of the late singer Michael Jackson.

He was in Vegas at the time and is now doing just fine. Sources tell the press this was a second such stroke in the past few years.

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