Foxconn Own-Brand Motherboard Shipments Reach 5 Million in 2010

Since so many other companies have already let the world know about their performance during 2010, it is not too surprising to hear that Foxconn has done the same, and it seems that it still managed several million own-brand sales even despite its focus on OEM shipments.

The past year seems to have been quite favorable to the overall IT market, even with all the uncertainties regarding the European market.

While DRAM chips started to fair poorly during the later parts of last year, other segments saw better than expected evolution, while others stayed flat.

As far as motherboards go, shipments were fairly strong and the top ten companies competed quite arduously.

Among other things, ASRock got third place, a position which, provided things had gone differently, Foxconn could have secured by now.

Back in 2009, Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn) was in a good position to become one of the three greatest suppliers of own-brand mainboards.

This would have meant being on the third spot, immediately after ASUS and Gigabyte, but this was not to be.

Basically, the company announced that it would not be putting too much effort into motherboards bearing its name, turning to the OEM division instead.

Now, it seems that the way it shifted the majority of the staff and focused remaining sales on only emerging markets led to the 2010 situation.

For those that want numbers, about 5 million own-brand models were shipped, this being a paltry sum compared to the over 40 million OEM shipments.

It was a Digitimes report that revealed this, in addition to the fact that the key markets were Turkey, Peru and Vietnam (Foxconn is one of the top three brands there).

Depending on how these and all other emerging markets progress, the company may actually become a top three worldwide supplier, though it may take a while.

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