Foxconn Denies Having Problems with Its Robot Worker Plans

The one million Foxbots will be deployed as planned, by 2014

Last month (November 2012), Foxconn set in motion a plan meant to eliminate its problem with employee suicides: the replacement of human workers with robot ones.

Robots aren't really at the point where they can carry out very complex operations, not inexpensively anyway.

That means that Foxconn will still have human workers for decades to come.

Nevertheless, the company is determined to have at least 1 million robot workers, called foxbots, by 2014.

Following recent rumors about this plan being in danger of failing due to costs and technology issues, the company spoke up and said everything was proceeding as planned. Automation is a long-term development strategy, true, but there haven't been any hiccups yet.

Some of Foxconn's components suppliers are reportedly adopting robots too.

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