Foxconn Buys Land in Brazil, Possible Site for More Robots

Whatever factory the company builds there, there will be plenty of automation involved

Foxconn isn't going to leave China any time soon, despite suicides and riots, but it is still expanding a bit, maybe moving some operations.

Most recently, we have learned that the company, or rather its subsidiary Foxconn CMMSG Industria de Electronicos Ltda, has acquired a tract of land of 141.82 hectares (350.45 acres) in Brazil.

Since Foxconn has started using Foxbots instead of workers, we suspect that many robots of the sort will be deployed there eventually.

Even if Brazil does have different laws regarding employment, lack of wages will be enough of a reason to use robots all on its own.

Foxconn did not say exactly what it would use the area for though. A manufacturing plant, or several, will definitely be created there, but there is no clue as to what products will be assembled.

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