Fox and Wild Boar Help Kangaroos Escape from Zoo

No nicknames in this title, just your plain reference to animal species

The staff of a wildlife park in Germany was recently taken aback by the realization that three of the kangaroos in their care escaped with the help of a fox and a wild boar, both of which are thought to live in the nearby woods.

According to the 'official' report for this ingenious and daring escape, the fox and the wild boar worked together to undermine all of the security measures zoo employees resorted to in order to keep the kangaroos contained within their designated enclosures.

Thus, the fox took care of digging a hole right next to the enclosure's fence, whereas the wild boar 'deactivated' the exterior fence using the same method the fox employed in the initial stage of the plan.

Joking aside, sources say that local authorities only succeeded in capturing two of the escapees so far, and are still on the lookout for the third. Hopefully, the kangaroo will be caught before it somehow manages to hurt itself.

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